facebook stalking…

with social networking sites so popular these days, it’s easy to stalk people online. you know, people that you know only well enough to want to know what’s going on in their lives, but not enough to actually talk to them? yeah, that’s what makes social networking sites like facebook, friendster, or myspace so popular. i mean, sure, it’s also to keep in touch with you friends. yeah, uhh, that’s why i use it.

an interesting consequence of these social networking sites is that you will learn where you stand in a particular person’s life based on how information about their lives are communicated to you. for example, i was recently made aware of a friend’s engagement through facebook. something made me think of an old friend and i did some digging around. it turns out that they have recently become engaged! craziness, i say. i had no idea that they were even dating anyone. of course, we have fallen out of touch, not so much because we had a falling out as much as our lives had just diverged.

so, yes, facebook is a great medium to get reconnected with people, but it’s an even better way to stalk people. i’m pretty bad when it comes to keeping in touch with people, maybe i’ll stop facebooking them and start reaching out to them.

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