the slanted door

in what can only be described as highly unusual for us, christi and i went into the city last night and dined at the slanted door. i was telling christi that jenny and i went and ate at the ferry building before and i think that the slanted door has a cafe-like fast food to go stand in the ferry building. i told her that i thought it was called “the slanted cupboard”. it turns out it is called “out the door”. i liked the name that i remembered wrong better than the actual name.

this was our first time eating at the slanted door. the food was good, but not mind-blowingly great. portions were actually pretty big though, i certainly was expecting much smaller portions of food. my favorite dish was probably the lemongrass chicken that we had special ordered. it’s usually only on their lunch menu, but the chef made an exception and made it for us for dinner. it was fantastic!

the rest of the food was pretty good, but not ravingly so. i liked how tender the rib eye was, i liked the rice cakes, i liked the shrimp, and i sort of liked the spinach dish we got.

dessert was pretty good too, the beignets were amazing. it was freezing outside, i was hoping that it would be warmer after last week’s heat wave, so walking around outside was not much of an option.

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