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so the prequel (?) of the movie came out and i finally got around to seeing it earlier this week. what i realized after i watched the movie is that i am a bigger fan of the original tv series than i realized. there is no way for me to adequately talk about the movie without discussing plot, so spoilers after the jump.

so the biggest concern about doing a prequel is trying to figure out how to make the movie look modern without changing what level of tech was available in the movie’s timeline.

i actually felt that the bridge did look more advanced that the tv show, but it wasn’t so flagrant that it bothered me. so overall, on that front, i thought it was a job well done.

but there were a few liberties taken that i was just uncomfortable with.

uhura and spock
what?? what?? WHAT?!?? seriously that was just plain wrong.

black holes, time, and inconsistencies
so the movie makes mention of spock and nero and when nero went through the black hole first, he had to wait 25 years for spock to come out because of the way time bends when you are near a black hole.

at the end of the movie, the enterprise is stuck in the gravitational field of the black hole. if this were the case, they should have aged faster than the rest of the universe so that when they returned to earth it should have been much, much later, right?

space diving
diving from space? into the atmosphere? and then landing on that drill? ok, maybe i can suspend disbelief enough for this…

spock is emotional
like, WAY, WAY emotional. ugh.

so overall, i would say that i enjoyed the movie, but i didn’t love it. i’m shocked at just how well reviewed the movie is, rotten tomatoes is giving it a whopping 95% fresh score. crazy. i’d say the movie was a 3.5/5 stars.

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  1. Keep in mind that a lot of the really good reviews, are mainly because they are comparing them to Star Trek movies, which generally are campy and bad and cheap out on effects. When compared to those, its definately a 5/5. Hopefully the next one doesn’t involve time travel, which is way overdone in Star Trek movies and series finales.

  2. We saw the movie on Monday and loved it! You’re right about a few things…one of which is the idea of Spock and Uhura together was intensely disturbing. Particularly because we never had a chance to see their relationship develop. I find it odd that she is so forward with Spock so quickly. Maybe my memory is faulty but I don’t ever recall Spock and Uhura ever being romantically involved during the original series.

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