bunni day

tomorrow is a holiday for me. the company is calling it “Bunni Day”. i think it’s to celebrate the boss’s birthday, but it also happens to fall on good friday and it is the friday before easter. whatever the case may be, i get a paid day off and i’m happy about it. i don’t have any huge plans for it, but i think that we will be going to lunch somewhere. is it wrong of me to be thinking about tomorrow’s lunch at 8am in the morning the day before? i mean, i still have today’s lunch to worry about.

speaking of which, i’m hungry now. very, very hungry.

speaking of hunger and food, i had a slice of blueberry creme pie at nation’s yesterday. it was absolutely divine. i had my doubts about whether or not a blueberry pie would taste good, but man…it was amazing. i’m very tempted to make blueberry ice cream now. i wonder how that would turn out…


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