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i picked up another xbox controller since they were on sale at circuit city yesterday. i only picked up one because i can’t think of a single good 4 player xbox game. it’s a shame that the xbox doesn’t really have a large selection of games. it almost makes me want to go back to the ps2. almost.

what i find myself doing more now than ever is playing super puzzle fighter on the xbox. i looked up ps1 games to see how much they cost and i was quite surprised at how expensive they were still. considering tha the ps1 is an outdated console, the games can still run for as high as $40! that’s just crazy talk!

but alas, i couldn’t find bust-a-move for the ps1. i’m sure it exists somewhere out there. i do enjoy that game quite a bit. i guess i’ll have to stick to my ps2 for that trusty game.

5 thoughts on “xbox controller s”

  1. you can? heh…ok, i admit, i haven’t played halo yet. =P i’m scared to because i hear of all the good things…but i never really liked 4-way split screen games. i’ll try it out though.

  2. i meant a single good 4 player xbox game that you play on one xbox…you know, classic games like CHU CHU ROCKET!

  3. You can only do the multi-player games with 4, which gets old after a while. I think wilco is looking for a game where you can do the main story with 4 players (you can only do it with 1 or 2 with Halo)

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