optometry appointment

yesterday, i went to kragen to get some bulbs to replace the broken light bulbs for my brake lights. when i got my oil changed last week, jiffy lube informed me that there were a few bulbs that were broken and they wanted to charge me $6.99 to replace each one. yeah…no thanks, guys, i can change a light bulb. (how many engineers does it take to change…)

but anyway, after i got my light bulb changed, i was walking around and decided to make an optometry appointment in that same plaza. i went to this optometrist many years ago and was pretty happy with the service, and now that the company finally has a vision plan, it’s time to take advantage of it.

i will be doing something that i’ve never done before in my life. i will be getting another pair of glasses, even though my current pair are perfectly good. yup, that’s right, i will be getting a pair of glasses to use as a fasion accessory. oh boy.

but anyway, the optometrist’s assistant was pretty cute. she was very friendly and helpful and answered all of my questions. so i decided to make an appointment and their next available appointment happens to be today. so i’m going in today to get a new pair of glasses and some new contacts, that i desperately need. i think i’m down to my last pair.

i hate picking out new glasses, though. it’s always such a hardship for me. i’m not sure what i’m going to be trying out this time, but we’ll see what i’ll come up with. maybe something a little more sleek and sophisticated.

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