photo shoots

i did two photoshoots over the weekend. both models are a little shy about showing the pictures taken, so nothing to see just yet. i’ll work on them. but it was interesting to work with them. it’s interesting because each person that you photography is different and you can’t apply the same techniques to photograph them.

personalities come into it, quite a bit. some are more reserved, some are more daring. i think that i’ve worked an interesting range of models. i think that i have definitely was lucky that the first several shoots i did were with people who were very comfortable in front of the camera and they had many ideas about how to pose.

but still it’s fun to do the shoots and i think that i’m learning quite a bit about portrait photography.


while i was waiting for one of my models to get ready, i was setting up the scene and lighting. while i was checking out the scene, jen took a picture of me. i think i need to invest in some kind of powerful super iron that can iron whole sheets at a time…either that or get backgrounds that don’t wrinkle. hmmm, anyone have about 6 yards of that wrinkle free khaki material?

2 thoughts on “photo shoots”

  1. heh, i didn’t even notice the wrinkles in the shirt. i was talking about the HUGE fold in the background.

  2. It’s a tshirt. They are supposed to be wrinkled.

    Not saying anything on you as a photographer, but as a general statement. Modeling can be as much about the photographer as the model. As daring or shy as the model may be, a photographer is one that can pull the model out, and make them feel comfortable enough to dazzle the camera. 😉

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