emotional cheating

[url=http://www.track15.com]dardy[/url] was talking about the different types of cheating. it is pretty obvious that you are cheating if you are physically kissing or sleeping with someone else. but he wonders if there is such a thing as emotional cheating.

i think that there is. emotional cheating is every bit as bad as physically cheating on someone else. but what constitutes emotional cheating? lusting after someone else? i don’t think that lusting after someone else (from afar) can be considered cheating. now lusting after someone else in front of your significant other is just stupid and will probably be the cause of a fight, but to privately covet another from afar? i don’t really think that’s emotionally cheating.

maybe it’s just guys. but just because a guy admires another woman from afar doesn’t mean that he loves his significant other any less. he just has an appreciation for beauty. but if you start to act on that, that is when i think you start to edge closer to the line of emotionally cheating.

i think that emotional cheating is where you share intimate parts of your life with one person, but not your significant other…unless of course that little intimiate part of your life is about your significant other, but hey, we all need someone to talk to. but yeah, if you start to do things with someone else, but refuse to do it with your significant other, that could be indicative of something.

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  1. Christian Science Monitor! I don’t like how it says to surround yourself with married people who believe strongly in fidelity. It sounds like it’s bad to hang out with single people.

  2. There is a fine line in cheating. Physical is obvious, but when you long for someone else even if you never touch the person (i.e. kiss, hug, hold hands, etc)… the moment you would rather be with that other person (and I mean “be” with that other person) is the moment you have crossed the line. Sounds harsh I know.

  3. I think there is, too. I remember reading [url=http://www.csmonitor.com/2003/1029/p14s01-lire.html]this article[/url] about “emotional affairs” a while back.

  4. I believe that if you have another females number in your cell phone and he calls her and she calls him but he is married and the other female Never calls the house phone is mental cheating as well as him wanting other females to come to the house and go nude swimming or hot tubbing is stupid as well as emtoinal cheating. I am put in these situations with my husband and he says because he gets bored easily I should not be upset because he wants to be with me .The problem is he told me because I wont put up with it that he has thought of actually cheating.Now the emotional cheating desends into perhaps one day phys cheating go figure.

  5. I think emotional cheating was simply stated above. When you would rather be with someone else than your spouse or significant other then you have crossed that line. It should be the first sign there will be more to come. I believe that I would rather my husband sleep with someone who means nothing to him, than dream of making love to another woman. I also believe that once you with hold from your spouse anything about a relationship with someone else, it is cheating, actual honest to God cheating. On the other hand, there is hope, some people realize and turn back before it is too late.

  6. I met another girl who I met at a bar, for coffee, then for a drink a second time. I have no interest in her whatsoever on intellectual or emotional level. But there is a great deal of sex appeal. Of course we flirted. I had decided it was not worth the risk and could ruin my marriage if I went down the slipperly slope so had decided completely never to call her after the first coffee. But, then she called me, and I quickly agreed.

    My wife found out and I admitted to everything. I hurt tremendously. It just happened a few days ago and she is taking it hard. I did it once before about 1.5 years ago with another girl (met for coffee and flirted). My wife and I are super close – and cannot understand how I can not control myself. I know absolutely the grass is not greener. My wife is beautiful, great shape, runs a successful yoga studio I helped her open, and we have great relationship, go dancing every sat, have a beautiful son and so forth. Rationally, I know exactly it is stupid and possibly marriage ending, but it is the excitement and danger perhaps. My wife keeps a very tight leash on me, so maybe I was trying to show she cant control me….

    Not sure. I will however, again try, try and redouble my efforts and mind to be entirely faithful, but it is difficult. I admit. I leave in part of the world where I can get beautiful young woman easily for sex or friends or girlfriends. Most just want to have some kind of monetary or material benefit and many dont really care if the guy is married. I had a very large number of partners before meeting my wife 5 years ago. She was the best that I ever came across and the only one who I fell deeply in love with. I want to be with only her for the rest of my life. We love music, dancing, going to trance parties and festivals around the world – many things in common (but due to cultural differences, lots of differences too).

    I know I have to change though. My wife will not take it. It will destroy the trust we have. I still love her strongly, more than anything and I know she does the same to me too. It is like being a recovering addict, must take one day at a time.

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