man, i’m telling you, i’m totally digging everwood. i love the whole andy/linda love affair that just can’t be. and now the whole ephram and amy thing is just killing me. i don’t know why but i am rooting for amy now. before i hated her for dissing ephram and treat him like garbage, but now that she’s the underdog, i want her to get the boy! go! get ’em, girl!

there’s just something about unrequited love…i don’t know what it is…but it always gets me. some of the best love stories revolve around this very theme, i think. dawson and joey. ross and rachel. ally and billy. soooo good.

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  1. Been a while there, Wilco…this is SiB from Myrradel.

    Nice to see the Wilco journal is still going (in other words, nice to see you’re still living).

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