avoidance is the key to safety?

one of the things my mom taught me early on was that it is always best to avoid conflict whenever possible. my mom is such a pacifist that she takes it to an extreme even to her own detriment. it does make me wonder, though, if avoidance is the key to safety. if you never put yourself in a situation where you may get into conflict, haven’t you saved yourself from the misery of that conflict?

how far do you go to avoid these sticky situations? sometimes i wonder.


up ref

last sunday i got the pleasure of upref’ing my very first vball game. the league i play in is pretty loose so i didn’t really do much in terms of calling stuff, but it was kind of fun. i don’t know if it is something that i would like to do a lot…too many things to watch. at first i wasn’t even counting the number of touches and so that was kind of bad…luckily there was nothing horribly bad done. i wonder if i should get a volleyball whistle, though.

the funny thing is that my ears were ringing at the end of the night because of all of the whistle blowing.