predictable? yes.

corny? sure.

unoriginal? yup.

but still, i can’t help it. jessica alba has won me over and just when i thought i couldn’t love her more, i see her in honey. now, sure, the plot is weak, the storytelling is unoriginal, the one dimensional characters are distracting, and some bad casting calls could ruin the movie, but man…i still liked the movie.

[url=http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/Honey-1127773/]rotten tomatoes[/url] gave it a 16%! sure, the movie doesn’t offer anything interesting. sure, you know how the movie is going to end halfway through the movie. sure, there is no depth. and sure, i’ll even admit that some of the subplots seem a little contrived, but i can only offer one explanation as to why i liked the movie and why it’s very likely that i’ll watch it again: jessica alba is hot.

it’s so sad, but the dance sequences were fun, the celebrity cameos were nice, and i just enjoyed the movie. and did i mention that jessica alba is hot? surely i must have.


spam musubi

i made some spam musubi last night. i wasn’t sure what to expect, but it actually turned out pretty good, i thought. i must admit that when i first heard about spam musubi i had my doubts.

spam? sushi? eh?

but it was actually pretty good. i was trying to pawn off some of the spam musubi to some of the poker gang, but no one seemed to want to eat it. i can understand the reluctance. jen and leeya were open-minded enough to try some and the both liked it. i ate a plate of it, myself. mmmm. i’m going to make another batch tonight for the volleyball tournament and i’ll take pictures and describe the process. the directions i found on the net were helpful, but i think i’m a visual person so i need more pictures.

i bought a 50 pound bag of rice yesterday and it was considerably harder to carry than the 20 pound bag…go figure. i went through 3 cups of rice as if it were nothing yesterday, though. i think i’m going to make 8 cups tonight so i can make really fat spam musubi, yo. errr phat musubi….err, whatever.


new replays in the house

at this moment there are 5 replaytvs in my apartment. two are in my room, two are out in the living room, and one is still neatly packaged in a box. of these five, one of them’s mine, two are paul’s and two are jen’s. paul’s taking back one of his replays so he can use it when he moves later this month, so jen bought one to replace the one she had been using.

man…we record too much tv. we don’t watch enough of it, but we sure do record a lot.

she got off the plane

i knew it what to expect, but my heart still sank when the possibility of ross and rachel not getting back together seemed more possible last night in the friends finale. it’s been a ten year love affair i’ve had with the show and i’m sad to see it go. i’m not sure what my thursday nights are going to be like anymore. a little part of me will forever be changed.

and she got off the plane.

i can’t help it, i’m just a sucker for the love stories that end up working out. regardless of how contrived it may seem, i still can’t help but loving it. serendipity was a movie i liked quite a bit for that very reason. sappy love stories are my weakness.

i was surprised that they didn’t set up joey’s show in the episode, but the preview of the show looked pretty good. i think it definitely has potential.

ahhh, friends. i will miss you. it’s an end of an era.

bike computer?

i’m thinking about getting a bike computer. i wasn’t sure at first what they were called, but indeed, they are called bike computers. all i really wanted was something that would keep track of how fast i was going and how far i went. pretty simple, right? so the speedometer and odometer functions are pretty standard. what i also wanted was a thermometer. apparently this makes the computer ridiculously expensive jumping from $15 computers to $150 computers. oh well, i guess i can live without it.

i’m a little concerned now. i wonder if i will get into the whole fixing up my bike phase that i was in a long, long time ago as a child. i used to work on my bike, get new parts and do all sorts of things just for fun.

which reminds me, i still need to figure out how to store the bike.


biking adventures

i decided to go biking again. i didn’t really have a destination in mind, but i thought that i’d figure it out as i go. it was roughly 10 miles in about 40 minutes. not bad, i guess, but i definitely decided to try and push myself this time. whenever i felt tired, i tried to keep up the pace and push forward. it was a lot more road biking than i wanted, but i had to get back to the apartment before people came for poker night.

biking is pretty relaxing. it’s kind of nice to be able to just pick up and go wherever you want, not bound by the restrictions of the road.