welcome to tuesday

today is tuesday. though many people believe that mondays are the worst, i would like to nominate tuesdays as the worst day of the week.

monday – yes, you have to start the week again. go to school, work, or whatever other obligation you have.

wednesday – it’s hump day. how bad can it be? you’re getting over the hump and there’s salvation soon.

thursday – friday is only a day away. it can’t possibly be too bad for much longer.

friday – joyous days are here again!

but tuesday…what do you have to foward to on a tuesday? nothing, really. the painful memory of monday still burns in your head, there’s nothing exciting to look forward to the next day, and worst of all, tuesdays just seem to drag on because there’s no end in sight.

yeah, tuesdays are probably the worst day of the week.

but then again, if you ask me tomorrow what the worst day of the week is, i bet i’d tell you wednesday.

man…i really have to stop living for the weekends.

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