open gym volleyball

i decided to check out the open gym in milpitas to see if this was something that i wanted to do on a more regular basis. the last time i went to open gym was many, many years ago. and the last time i went, i remember that i played in the beginner’s court. the middle court was too intimidating for me and i didn’t want to feel like i was messing up the game.

but this time around, i signed up for the middle court and it was just fine. i felt pretty comfortable playing there and the play was decent. but i did feel that something was missing from open gym. there just wasn’t a sense of team spirit there and i thought that i was just playing for the sake of playing. i didn’t really get the ball as often as i would have liked to, as the regulars tended to involved more of their own than newcomers.

still, it was alright. if i couldn’t play anywhere else, then i think that i would have liked to have played more there, but i don’t know if i really find it fulfilling enough for me. that being said, i think that i probably won’t be going regularly unless i go with a big group of friends.


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