while doing laundry

i was doing laundry this weekend and after i heard the buzzer for the end of the drying cycle, i opened up the dryer to see a site that was rather unexpected. unexepected in the sense that when one usually opens the dryer door, open expects to see clothes…dry clothes.

instead, what i saw was not only slightly disturbing, but rather puzzling too. neatly placed on top of my pile of clothes was a new pack of orbit gum, still in the packaging.

oh man…apparently i had left the pack of gum in my jeans and it survived the wash cycle and made it all the way into the dryer. i was afraid at first that the package had opened and all of my clothes were gummed up together, but alas, i was lucky that it was still in the packaging and so i threw it out, smelled my clothes to see if i needed to wash them again, and decided it was safe.

so if i have a super minty scent when you next see me…well, it’s from the special load of clothes.


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