it’s no secret that UPN has really suffered in the network wars and they haven’t really produced any great hits recently, with the exception of VERONICA MARS, which if you haven’t seen…you just haven’t seen good television.

but i digress, yesterday debuted the pilot of [url=]cuts[/url] starring shannon elizabeth. you would think that a movie star going from the big screen to the boob tube would accept a role in a great tv show, but this was truly disappointing. the only thing that this episode proved to me was that shannon elizabeth is still hot.

aside from that, it’s been some bad cheesy lines with dull, tired humor. i want to say that i want this show to get better, but it’s corny, lame, and most of all boring.

oh well, i guess that’s one show i can cross off my list of shows to watch.

2 thoughts on “cuts”

  1. yeah, shannon elizabeth is hot, but she’s gotta get rid of those bangs. bangs = a damper on the hotness scale.

    but still. i’d do her.

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