desperate housewives

did anyone watch the episode last night where gabrielle kissed the still-closeted gay boy to help him figure out if he was indeed gay?

is it considered cheating if you kiss someone who is gay, but of the opposite sex, and you are straight? or vice versa?

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  1. i don’t think she’s cheating per se. her intention was to see if he’s actually gay or not…..not if she can hook up with the guy. i think it comes down to what your intentions are. if i was in a relationship and was curious about kissing a girl. am i cheating? i think a lot of girls fantasize or is curious about another girl not to say hooking up with a girl but just how it feels like kissing a girl or touching a girl. okay…i think i should stop right now…=)

  2. I think regardless of sexual orientation, kissing someone else aside from your significant other is still cheating. you must ask yourself…why did you have to kiss them in the first place?

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