pearl tea, life, and other such things

last night leeya and i had pearl tea and caught up with each other’s lives. it’s been a while since the two of us went out alone and we were talking about all sorts of things.

i think that i am fairly opinionated when it comes to how i deal with my friendships and relationships. i don’t know if i am as stubborn as i am strong with my convictions, but she made a point to me about how i ought to try to be more open minded when it comes to people who i felt have wronged me.

i didn’t believe that she was right, but i also recognized that i could be a little bullish, so i decided to make an effort to extend the lines of friendship again. i don’t know why i have so many complicated friendships with so many people. sometimes it really boggles my mind. but i sent my friend an email today to explain some of the frustrations that i’ve felt and i think that i feel a whole lot better about it.

it’s strange because it was just yesterday that i felt that i had so many issues with this person, but they have all seemed to melt away after i sent the email and we talked things through. i don’t know why i get so difficult sometimes. it makes me wonder.

but i’m glad that i followed her advice and i’m glad that things all worked out. sometimes i think we all need to be taken out of our comfort zone to achieve a greater appreciation for the world.

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