breaking out

my face is breaking out like a convict outta jail. it must be all the ice cream i’m eating. i don’t know what is going on, but it looks like i’m going to have to cut out the ice cream consumption a bit. it’s too bad because i think i have about 4 gallons of ice cream in the freezer right now. it’s ridiculous, yet wonderful.

4 thoughts on “breaking out”

  1. a little dermatologist bird told me that food consumption does not determine skin quality. I say eat away! Don’t wash your face with soap. That’s a common theme men have. Get something that’s actually for the face. Oh, and drink lots of water. Enjoy.

  2. yeah..i heard that food does not contribute to you breaking out at all. it’s how often you wash your face and what products you use.

  3. it gives me far greater comfort to think that it is a result of all of the ice cream that i’m eating that i’m breaking out than to think that i’m just breaking out…just because. i wash my face just as often as i do with the same face soap that i’ve been using for a long time now. =P

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