i went to eat at TGI’s sushi, one of my favorite sushi places in the bay area. our waitress had a name tag that read “jeremy”. at first i was a little surprised to see the name and so i must have been staring at it to see how else one might be able to pronounce that name.

the waitress took notice that i was staring at her chest (but i was looking at her name tag, i swear!) and walked away. i didn’t realize that she noticed my obvious staring and so when she came again, i was staring at her name tag (which happened to be pinned on her chest) and then i caught her eye staring at me staring at her chest.

i realized what she must have been thinking and so i asked rather embarassed, “is jeremy your real name?” she smiled and said, “yes.” and walked away.

i really hope she didn’t think i was staring at her chest. =P

5 thoughts on “jeremy”

  1. if I ever want a guy to stare at my chest, I know what to do…wait, is there ever a time when guys don’t want to stare at your chest? side note: my brother’s name is Jeremy…my brother is not a waitress as far as I know

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