i got a phone call from my parents asking me if i had lost my cell phone. “how did you know?” i asked, puzzled. they told me that someone had left a message on their answering machine saying that they picked up the cell phone somewhere off the apartment complex. unfortunately, the number they left was unintelligible.

“just great,” i thought. i was so close, but so far away! since i must have dropped the phone along the way to my car, i decided to make a bunch of signs and plaster them around the apartment complex. they read, “LOST! sprint samsung cell phone! please return to the rental office! thanks!”

it turns out that whoever found my cell phone also saw the signs i made and returned the cell phone to the rental office. unfortunately, the office opens at 10AM and closes at 5PM so picking it up from there has been a bit of a challenge.

since today is my last day at work, i’ve decided to stay at home a little later than usual to pick up my phone. it’s been days since i lost it and *I* feel lost without it. not that i call a lot of people…or get any calls for that matter. it’s just a nice little security blanket.

it’s nice to see that there are still decent people out there in the world, though.