pizza hut happiness

i went to pizza hut again. i actually went yesterday, but by the time i got there the lunch buffet was closed so i walked in and walked right out. today, i went early and had 5 slices of pizza, a couple of cups of lemonade/raspberry ice tea, salad (what?? i know. weird), bread sticks, their non-pasta pasta, and some cinnamon sticks. let me tell you, i’m stuffed.

yesterday i went to taco bell because i couldn’t get my fast food fix and had the new crunch wrap supreme. it was pretty tasty, i must admit. man, all this fast food is bad for me. i think that i may try to make a more healthy dinner tonight. steak? hmmmmm.

i feel like the planning for the JACL volleyball tournament is FINALLY coming along well, just a few days prior to the tournament. man, this is definitely the last one that i am going to organize. =P