catching up

it seems like the days have been packed lately. i’m not sure how it is that it has happened this way, but it seems like ever since i quit, my days have become more busy, not less busy. that being said, it seems that i’ve been away from the computer more as well.

this weekend was a pretty busy weekend. on saturday, jen, ivy, eric, and i went on a photo shoot for their engagement photos. we went to villa montalvo and hakone gardens. it was a decent shoot, i still have to look through all of the pictures.

sunday was a big day of volleyball fun and bbq’ing. we were matched up with a partner and each team of two coupled with another team of two to make a team of four. we kept rotating teams throughout the day and the team that had the highest number of points won wins the tournament. my team came in second.

this tournament didn’t have enough women in it so some of the guys had to play as girls. i was one of the teams where we had to play as a girl. to designate that we were playing as a girl, we had to wear bikini tops. i’m sure i have a picture of that somewhere…

it was a great weekend and i don’t know how it could have been any better.