sonoma wine tasting

i know this is probably about a month late, but i went wine tasting in sonoma a little while ago and took a few pictures with the throwaway camera. maybe that’s why i didn’t want to post the link to the images…i’m not really THAT ashamed of the throwaway camera. =P

day on the meadow

i went to check out channel 104.9’s day on the meadow concert. it was pretty cool. though i don’t usually listen to channel 104.9, i liked a lot of the bands there. my friend christi’s brother was in one of the bands (bento that played there, so it was cool to check them out.

i have heard of a few songs by bowling for soup, but to see them perform was simply amazing. they were a wildly entertaining band and probably was the best performance of the day. i have definitely become a fan.

i took pictures with the canon 24-70/2.8 and my tamron 70-300/4-5.6. the difference in quality between the two lenses is astonishing. i really do need to get some pro level glass for my telephoto range.


this week was the first week of my freedom. no work to go to, nothing to do. it was great. i’ve been feeling rather tired lately and it’s been quite a relief that i’m able to lazy about and do nothing. the goal for today was to unload my car from weekend’s festivities. i only half finished that goal.

i guess i should back up and talk about the rather eventful last couple of days. friday was my last day at work. it was liberating to leave. there were a few sad goodbyes, but i was surprised that i didn’t get a call from the COO. i had thought that we had a better relationship than that, but it seems that that was not the case.

it’s strange how the days seem to pass by ever so slowly. i’ve been watching a lot of tv and have been about as lazy as i ever have been. it is truly fabulous. i think that i will start looking for work next week. it’s been nice to relax, but i can’t live like this forever…i may enjoy it too much and then i really will need to find a sugar momma.

life has been grand, though. i’ve been doing little things here and there that i’ve always wanted to do and i’m just about getting ready to start some mini-trips. i think that i’m going to go camping sometime, as soon as i figure out when i can make it. i want to go biking as well. i wonder if i can get anyone to come on out for that.

wednesdays were supposed to be spent playing volleyball in the park in fremont and thursdays are supposed to be spent playing volleyball in the park somewhere else. i tweaked my ankle a little bit so i’m not going to go play volleyball until tonight.

but freedom. wow. how liberating it feels.