bike ride

i told myself that once i quit my job that i would make sure that i would go biking more often now that i have the time. i haven’t gone biking yet once, so i decided to go for a little ride today.

the heat beat down on me, but it was nice to get out of the apartment and be part of the real world. i’m trying really hard to be part of the real world every day. we’ll see if i can keep it up or not.

i originally planned an ambitious 22 mile ride going through coyote creek park and around the lake, but 2 miles into the ride, it was all that i could do not to turn back and call it a day.

so i modified my original plans and decided to bike to the park and then instead of biking into it, i’d just make a big loop back home. i originally scouted out a few pearl tea places that i could stop by on my 22 mile ride, but none of them were on the way back home. i had also planned on stopping by one of the random mexican places that must serve excellent food, but they, too, were not on the way back.

my bike ride was cut short quite a bit and i only did about 9 miles today. i was out for a little less than an hour and my average speed was 11mph. i think that i usually strive for no less than 10mph, so i guess all this time off from biking hasn’t hurt me too bad…of course, i was biking flat surfaces all day so i guess that isn’t too difficult of a pace to keep up.

vball + bbq

that’s right, i was a designated girl for the vball tournament over the weekend. diana told me that she absolutely must have a picture of me in my girly wear.

people kept telling me that i should take my shirt off and just wear the top, but there is no way that i am going to have bikini tan lines. my farmer’s tan is bad enough. =P