twenty is the number of boxers that i can cram into the washer. i’ve been doing laundry like a madman. i think i did about 6 loads today and it looks like i’ve got about half of my dirty clothes cleaned out. it’s getting ridiculous! i don’t know what’s going on, but it’s just craziness, i tell you. simply crazy. i also tidied up my room and cleaned out the grill and the coolers from the weekend.

i found out that i have enough white shirts to do about 4 loads of whites. i have enough red/orange clothes to do an entire load of just reds and oranges. i think i have enough baby blue clothes to do a load of baby blue too. i guess this goes to show what colors i have strong preferences towards. maybe it’s time to try something new. i don’t think i own anything yellow…man, i have a lot of clothes.

looks like i’ve been doing a lot of cleaning lately. this usually means that i’ve got a lot on my mind. i wonder what has been eating away at me recently.

i’m sitting here at tapioca express and checking out the free wireless they offer. this location is new and very close to my apartment. it’s decent.

harry potter

it turns out that i stopped reading the harry potter series after the third book. i’m not sure why. my roommate got the new harry potter book and is furiously reading through it now. she has inspired me to pick up where i left off and i am currently reading the 4th book. i’m about 150 pages into it and it’s been a pleasant read so far.

everywhere i go i see people reading the new harry potter book, though. i guess the craze still lives strong. the funny thing is that i haven’t seen any kids reading the book, only adults.