i’ve been cooking, grilling, and eating at home more now than i ever have. i have even been eating leftovers because they taste so good. i think that i may try making luckykat linda’s lasagna tonight. i think i’m going to add a special sausage to it, too. mmmm.

the other day i finally was able to make it to the pizza hut buffet. i love that place. for about $6.50 you get a drink and all the pizza that you can eat. there’s salad there, too, but i didn’t partake in any of that. =P mmmm…pizza hut. i love their pizza. i think that i may make it a point to go to that lunch buffet once a week, we’ll see.

ah, to not work

one of the things that i really NEED at any place that i work at is to be able to respect my manager. i need to work for competent people because if i don’t have that, i don’t have the desire to work.

it is so nice to wake up leisurely, stay up late at night, and just not have to worry about incompetence. it’s nice to not have to constantly check in to make sure that everyone is on the same page only to find out that despite your greatest efforts, you still end up feeling screwed. it’s nice not to have to constantly be disappointed.

it’s been so nice that i haven’t started looking for work yet. everyone keeps asking me if i have, but i don’t think that i’m ready yet. i think i’ll start looking for work next month. i really would like to pursue something more photography-related, though. maybe this’ll be my chance.