steak and me

i have had this love affair with steak for as long as i can remember. whenever my mom would make steak, i was so happy. she enjoyed it because it was an easy dinner for her. pop the steak in the oven, let cook for about half an hour and you are done. since then, the steak recipe has improved thanks to my dad and his complete lack of health consciousness. he uses more sugar in his cooking than krispy kreme.

last night i made steak. not just any steak, but costco steak. the glorious too-thick-for-most-people kind of a steak that just melts in your mouth. i loved it. it has been a long time since i made steak and i had almost forgotten how to prepare it. it has been that long.

but once i started to cook, the familiar smells, sights, and sensations started to take over. yes, indeed, i felt like i was right at home again. i can’t believe that i used to eat steak two or three times a week. that just seems crazy.

what’s really odd is that every so often i swear i feel like the smell of steak is oozing out of my pores. it’s kind of gross. =P

but, yes, the steak was lovely. how i missed it so. my stomach was quite happy last night. quite happy, indeed.

2 thoughts on “steak and me”

  1. i love steak too. when cooked perfectly (medium-rare), it doesn’t need sauce (blasphemous!). it is my favorite food group. ­čÖé

  2. oh, no, no, no! my favorite steak ever is the steak i make. it is delicious! a secret family recipe that has been handed down generations!

    my second favorite beef dish is prime rib. oh how i love a good prime rib.

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