so many happenings, so little time

last week i decided that i would start looking for a job. it’s only been about a month since i resigned my position from the last company and i think that i could still have taken more time off, i am more or less ready to start work again. so i started to send my resume out last week and i got a few responses and set up a few interviews.

i had an interview yesterday and it was scheduled at 10AM. ugh, i thought, an early morning interview! but still, i was able to manage to wake up early enough and get myself over to the company. the company is luckily located in san jose. i have never worked in the same city as where i lived. it was weird for me to live so close to my workplace.

anyway, after a 4 hour interview, i left the office and felt pretty good, but hungry about the interview. it was originally scheduled to be 2.5 hours long and i thought that that was already crazy enough, but i never would have imagined that it would last 4 hours. i don’t think that i’ve ever been through such a long interview.

a few hours later, they made an offer to me.

a few minutes later, i accepted the offer.

i start work on monday. yay! looks like i can finally buy that lens that i’ve been eyeing.

13 thoughts on “so many happenings, so little time”

  1. Congrats! Being smart must be very nice. Everyone wants to hire you. You just make sure you can take vacation the last week of September.
    So is this job in your old field, or did you venture out to make your hobby your new career?

  2. wow, that was quick! you are evidently very highly marketable! congrats! think how many pearl teas your salary can buy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Four hours? Did they at least let you stretch your legs halfway through? ๐Ÿ˜› Congratulations on the new job and a (hopefully) shorter commute!

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