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i was talking to a few people the other night and we were talking about the sanctity of marriage. it’s incredible to me how different my views of marriage are compared to other people. this year will be the most number of weddings that i’ll have attended. i think it will be a total of six in all. it might have been seven were it not for the wedding that i was invited to and then later uninvited to.

but man, that’s a lot of weddings. it makes you wonder if there’s something in the water…

but so far all of the weddings i’ve been to have been really beautiful. you can tell how much the couple really loves each other. the devotion they have to each other, the joy in their hearts, the happiness that sings out from the depth of their souls. this is what weddings are all about.

it saddens me to no end when i hear about a wedding where the there is so much turmoil surrounding the couple. i shudder at the thought that they think that getting married will alleviate some of the issues that they have. marriage is not a solution to a problem that the couple is having.

it is even more insane for me to think that people will get married thinking that if things don’t work out they can always get divorced. is that really how things are going to work? there’s always an out? does marriage really mean that little to you? the only thing that i can hope for now is that they don’t have kids and bring children into this world with that kind of mentality. those poor kids…

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  1. marriages shouldn’t take so much thought. it shouldn’t be so hard. it shouldn’t be an answer or a test of any kind. it should only be a representation or formalization of something that two people who love each other and chose to make a lasting commitment to one another. But what do i know? =P

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