it’s been a stressful week

it’s been stessful here lately.  the most daunting task now is the big move.  i gave notice and now i have less than thirty days to get together all of my belongings and get it moved out.

i’ve been doing some research on chinese movers because i’ve heard that they are cheap.  the general consensus is that they can be cheap, but they also are cheap for a reason.  many of them are bandits and have been heard to hold your belongings for hostage unless you pay them more money.  i’ve heard stories about some claiming that they have licenses, but instead they use other moving company’s legitimate licenses and they, in fact, are not licensed or insured.  i guess that all makes sense because you wouldn’t be able to move so cheaply otherwise.  but what i’ve read the most is that if you aren’t chinese, you are far, far more likely to get ripped off.

i think that i’m going to end up using a legitimate company.  moving is expensive!

3 thoughts on “it’s been a stressful week”

  1. definitely don’t use a chinese mover unless you can speak chinese. but having said that, they are really cheap and pretty efficient!

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