photos have arrived

the photos from our professional photographer have finally arrived. there are 4 DVDs full of images waiting to be seen. they images come all processed so we shouldn’t have to do much to them (we’ll see, though!). i’m sure that the images will eventually be touched in some way before being sent to the gallery. speaking of the gallery, i’ve been working on a new format for the gallery. i’ve grown a little tired of the way that it looks now so hopefully i’ll be able to finish up the new look just in time to post all of the wedding images.

the thing that kills me about viewing wedding images or anybody’s photo gallery is when they post too many images. i get overwhelmed and even if the images look great, i can’t get myself to go through all of them. i probably am guilty of underposting images in the gallery, but after a while, they all start to look the same to me. images of the wedding to come soon!

2 thoughts on “photos have arrived”

  1. Yay!
    And you’re right about overposting, btw. I was all excited to see photos of my godbro’s wedding (which I had to miss as I was out of the country), and dove eagerly into them only to click into one after another after another of the pre-wedding prep for the bride, and 120 images later, the pre-wedding prep of the groom, then 120 images later, the pre-wedding tea ceremony, at which point I gave up and scrolled to the end and saw in the thumbnails that there were like 500 images, most of which look the same to me and I stopped browsing after a few random clicks here and there on the thumbnails. I would’ve liked to see the wedding in a nice sequential representation.

  2. i think it’s going to be pretty hard for me to pare down the list. even though i tend to underpost, i am pretty sure it’s going to be pretty hard for me to not be overzealous in my posting of images. we’ll see!

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