not hungry today

it’s weird. i went home to make some lunch and eat something, but by the time i got home, i wasn’t really that hungry. in fact, i just thought to myself that it’s weird that i haven’t had anything to eat all day today and i’m not famished. what is going on?

it wasn’t until JUST NOW that i realized that i had a donut today at work. it was glorious. i haven’t eaten a donut in ages. it’s hard for me to imagine that i used to eat two or three of those things every other day.

i have been having strange food cravings recently. i ate at gochi the other day, this japanese fusion restaurant in cupertino. i have always been pretty skeptical of any kind of fusion because, for me, it usually tastes like some americanized-[insert culture here] food. and when it comes to japanese food, i actually am a purist. i didn’t eat rolls of any kind until recently. so when i heard that we were going to gochi i was cautiously excited. people have described the food at gochi to be phenomenal. so i was a little excited to try it out, but at the same time, i was a little nervous because i haven’t had great japanese fusion food experiences.

let me tell you, gochi disappointed. some of the dishes were pretty tasty (i think that i would probably only eat from the deep fried menu items — which were FANTASTIC, by the way), but the rest of the dishes were not really my cup of tea. cheese casseroles in a japanese restaurant? a japanese pizza? ugh. i just stopped thinking it was japanese food and then it started to taste better. portions were on the smaller side, not awful, but not generous.

the waitresses there were pretty cute though and from what i could tell japanese. i still stand by the observation that only 5% of japanese girls are cute and 95% are UGLY, but the 5% that are cute are REALLY cute. japanese men, however, are all attractive. *ahem* =P

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