a ps3 purchase isn’t just the console

the problem with game consoles is that even after you buy the console, that doesn’t mean that you are done buying all of the other accessories needed for it.

the sony playstation 3 i ordered comes with:
1) 40GB console
2) 1 controller
3) spiderman 3 blu-ray disc (yay, my first one!)
4) A/V cable

the accessories that i think i absolutely need for the ps3 are:
1) another controller (maybe up to 2 more after that if there are good 4 player games). i’m actually going to see if i can get these controllers through some kind of sony promotional offer, though, instead of spending $50 a pop for each.
2) HDMI => DVI cable (i don’t have HDMI ports in my receiver)
3) TOSLINK to optical audio cable
4) rock band (because you know, once you’ve got a system that is rock band capable, you gotta get it)
5) nyko remote control + IR dongle

the accessories that i want and am going to get are:
1) bluetooth keyboard. i have decided to go with the logitech mediaboard pro keyboard. i know, a keyboard is probably not necessary, but i have to be able to play with linux on the ps3
2) controller charger
3) 7 port powered USB hub (yeah, 7 might be a little overkill, but i’ll be set)

after all is said and done, the ps3 sure costs a lot of money!

5 thoughts on “a ps3 purchase isn’t just the console”

  1. Cheapest 360

    + seperate hard drive cause you bought the cheapest

    + wireless internet access thingy

    +microsoft controller keyboard thing

    play and charge kt

    7 port usb hub … can an x box even use those? i dont know actualy but if they can then add that

    oh yeah then you need to subscribe to x box live for the life of the system ><

  2. i think that from a functionality perspective, the xbox 360 has a lot going for it. media center abilities, a much better game library and a more mature developer base for games resulting in better game development, but the primary reason for me to go the ps3 route was the added bonus of the blu-ray player.

    there are rumors that the xbox will have an external blu-ray drive later, but from what i’ve read the external hd-dvd drive performance is pretty poor whereas the sony ps3’s blu-ray capabilities are amongst the best.

    if i was strictly a gamer, i think that i’d probably go the xbox 360 route. it’d be cheaper and there’d be a lot more games to play.

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