finally getting a closet system

i’ve been talking about how i’ve been pretty unhappy with our master bedroom closet for some time now. i’ve also been talking about how i am going to install some kind of closet system in our master bedroom. one of the biggest things that has been holding me back is that the price of the fancy closet systems are ridiculous! we’re talking about thousands of dollars for some shelves, rods, and drawers.

our master closet is actually pretty spacious. i would say that it’s about 12’x10′ big. it doesn’t FEEL that big when i walk in it, but i have always felt that there has been a lot of wasted space in the closet. two of the walls have a rod that runs the length of the wall. one wall has two rods placed one above the other along the length of the wall.

i saw a sale on the rubbermaid configurations closet kit that had convinced me that it was finally time to order a system. i also ordered a tie/belt rack, so once all of those this stuff comes in, i’m going to clear out out master closet and install this new system. this is supposed to be a customizable system, so you can place the rods and shelves wherever you’d like. i’m pretty excited. we’ll see if all of this amounts to a more organized closet.

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  1. what a coincidence! i was just shopping for a closet system this weekend. i only checked out ikea and home depot. they still seem pricey though. for a few shelves and maybe a couple of cabinets, it looks like it will be at least $500 (or more). i didn’t realize rubbermaid had a closet system. i’ll have to check it out. i am partial to the wood look though. california closets without the “california” price tag. :p

  2. yeah, i like the wood look too. i would have actually preferred dark wood shelves and drawers, but i think after i priced out how much it would cost to match our furniture and then consider resale value if we do decide to sell the house later, i didn’t think it would be worth it.

    i think to fully outfit our closet the way i had initially dreamt it up would be somewhere near $2500. for a bunch of shelves, drawers, and rods!! it just seemed ridiculously overpriced to me. i mean, i could buy a macbook pro for that! and if i had to choose…it’d be a tough choice. besides, the closet came with probably about $20 worth of wooden dowels and shelves.

    i actually considered making my own shelves in the closet too, but that just seemed like too much work.

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