everything ps3-related came in

everything that i’ve ordered for the ps3 has finally come in. what started as a ps3 order turned into:

1) playstation 3 40GB spider man 3 special edition
2) nyko blu-wave remote
3) logitech cordless mediaboard pro bluetooth keyboard
4) d-link 7 port powered hub
5) nyko ps3 charge base 2
6) d-link 8 port ethernet switch
7) rock band

i actually just ordered burnout paradise which i hear is supposed to be amazing for the ps3. i really liked burnout 3 on the xbox so i’m looking forward to it.

i originally bought the switch because i figured that i would need to have my NAS localnet to the PS3 to stream HD content, but it looks like my wireless network is actually fast enough to play 720p xvid encoded files, so it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be necessary to have them localnet.

anyway, the ps3 is working great, i still have to figure out how to get the harmony remote to control the ps3, but once that’s done, i think i’ll be sitting pretty!

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