a little alarming

it is only in the past few days that i’ve become all too aware of what kind of food i’m eating on a daily basis. well, it’s alarming i guess because i’m remembering what i’m eating. so looking back now, the taco and quesadilla dinner plus the taco bell lunch day might not have been one of my shining dietary moments. is it bad when i consider a lee’s sandwich lunch a healthy lunch? i mean, they are pretty healthy, right? there are vegetables in my sandwich. i have to say that maybe the sandwiches were the most healthy things i ate this week. and now that i’m thinking about them, i’m starting to get very hungry…

so starting next week (because christi’s out travelling this week) i’m going to try and eat healthier. maybe i should start by trying not to eat quite so much fast food. i have eaten at l&l a few times already this week and i’m sick of them.

*sigh* the next thing you’re going to be hearing from me is that i need to exercise more or something. when is this silliness going to stop? i kid, of course. i would never say that i need to exercise more.

speaking of moving more, i’ve been working on the yard off and on the last few weeks. i’ve tried to weed the front yard and it’s looking a lot better. there’s a huge pile of trimmings that i need to put out for the city to pick up. next project: the backyard.

the backyard has been overrun with weeds and the rose bushes that i thought i had trimmed to satisfaction are actually out of control! i’m going to take a pretty aggressive prune to them and we’ll see what they have to say to that.

2 thoughts on “a little alarming”

  1. whatever happened to your ramen noodle challenge? did i miss that post somewhere? as for your yard… before and after pics, pls. thx. :p

  2. my ramen noodle challenge ended with me getting completely sick of ramen. i lasted about a week, but after that i just couldn’t do it anymore. instant noodles just aren’t that good!

    as for my yard, i think that’s a fantastic idea! it’s too bad that i have already cleaned up a lot of the front yard. i’ll take pictures of the backyard though.

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