goodbye, kristy lee cook

kristy lee, you were by far the most attractive of the bunch. some say stunningly beautiful. though i feel like your performances have been getting better each week, they just didn’t seem up to par with the rest of the super talented bunch. you’ve had your exposure and country seems to be your niche. not quite my cup of tea, but you have a pretty decent shot at it.

you broke the top 10 too, so you’ll be touring around the country with the american idol tour. who knows, maybe this year i’ll try to go to the concert. your farewell performance to simon was fantastic, you’ve got some spunk in ya.

as far as the rest of the bunch, my favorite keeps changing. i’m torn between david cook and brooke white. i think both are fantastic in their own right, but it’s hard for me to imagine that brook has never seen an R-rated movie. how does that happen??

david cook’s version of always be my baby was fantastic. he is by far the most original and creative of the bunch. it’s down to 6 now. each elimination at this point is going to be a surprise.

4 thoughts on “goodbye, kristy lee cook”

  1. *sniff* i just lost half of my motivation for watching the show. nice picture, by the way. i like her hair straight rather than her wavy.

  2. it was kinda time for her to go though, i think. she’s narrowly missed being voted off not once but 6 times already (something like that). i do feel bad about her horse though. hope she at least gets that back! oh, and if you are interested, a couple friends and i started a blog where we recap AI performances, with our own critique of course (simon, randy, paula- look out!)

  3. I haven’t seen one episode of this season’s AI. I’ve heard about this Kristy Lee Cook girl tho (from you and Dardy, mostly), and am surprised that she looks so young. Seriously, she looks 15, at least in this photo. She did her farewell performance only to Simon? What’s that about? And some Brooke person has never seen an R-rated movie? Is her mom Carrie’s mom? And I love “Always Be My Baby.” If you ignore the creepy dumped-girl-in-denial lyrics, it’s such a pretty song. It’s my ringtone for Mr. W.

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