saturday, wait…sunday always comes too late

no posts yesterday. i spent most of yesterday drugged and unconscious. the drugged part was voluntary, the unconscious part, not so much. i woke up feeling rather ill, but shrugged it off to my usual morning grogginess. i stayed in bed longer than usual hoping it’d get better and eventually left the apartment at 6:40…much later than usual. as i left the apartment i thought that it’d get better.

traffic was just atrocious trying to drive up 101 to 880. it turns out that they closed the 880 offramp and construction was seriously backing things up. what usually takes about 10 minutes took me about 45 minutes to travel. by then, i finally decided to turn around and go back home.

an hour after i had left the apartment, i was back. i took some medicine and went back to bed. i didn’t wake up until nearly lunchtime. after that i got some lunch and then went back to bed until the evening when john woke me up for dinner.

all of yesterday was spent either sleeping or eating up until that point. it was pretty bad. but luckily things got a little bit better and i felt much better and i hung out at greg’s until about 2AM. ugh.

and now it’s saturday. the day’s half over and i’ve yet to do much of anything. i’ll be bumming over to steve’s place later today to partake in the BBQ festivities. it’s been a while since i’ve seen the ibm gang.

so i’m looking forward to that and i’m looking forward to catching up with some people who i’ve not seen in far too long. i think that i’ve been kind of bad in keeping in touch with people and i guess it’s time for me to do something about it.

i’m looking forward to playing volleyball on sunday. jen’s team and my team are matched up against each other. it should be great fun. a bunch of people are playing in the shindig tournament today and tomorrow. hmmmm, i wonder if i should find a female partner to play in these tournaments. it would be fun…