end of a bad day

i’m glad that today is rapidly approaching an end. it’s been a long, bad day punctuated with moments of happiness, but mostly it’s just been rough.

this morning started with me waiting around at home while the SBC technician came and troubleshot my DSL and phone line not working. in the past i’ve had some pretty bad experiences with pacbell, but the SBC tech was quite knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. the problem ended up being inside the apartment and i fear that i’m going to be charged for the tech’s visit. oh well.

but i felt bad because i had to stick around at home and so i missed a meeting that was scheduled for today…but the company decided to reschedule the meeting so that i could attend. i feel bad for that, i didn’t want to hold up any big meetings.

and i couldn’t find my copy of serendipity!

i also went to pick up the mail at the post office because they stopped delivering mail to us because our mailbox got full. grrrrrr. i was pretty unhappy about that. and then when i got to the post office there was a huge, long line that i had to wait in. i should know by now that i shouldn’t let stuff like that just go because it’ll hurt me more in the end. i think that i just ended up being frustrated with myself a lot or being upset at myself a lot today.

after being in the office, i realized that i was a little backlogged with work so i was trying to punch through as much of it as i could. someone came to me to check up on me, but i was able to finish up the stuff just as they had come so they were pleasantly surprised that all was done.

i had some trouble trying to code some stuff later in the day though and it started to frustrate me. but i just chugged away trying not to let it get to me. i think that i was still frazzled so it didn’t help me so much. and my ankle hurt was smarting from this weekend…i think i may have hurt it just a little bit, so i was concerned about volleyball tonight.

i went to hang out with mike, leeya, and paul today. i wanted to check out leeya’s haircut so i met up with them at ariake to check it out. i like the haircut…much cleaner. i wasn’t hungry, though so i just hung out. we got some pearl tea at q-cup in cupertino, which i think delivers consistently better pearl tea than the milpitas location, but it wasn’t quite enough to pick up my spirits.

when i got to volleyball i realized that i forgot to bring shoes. so i called up mike to see what size shoes he wore, but they were too small. i called john and he let me borrow some shoes that i was able to borrow. the play wasn’t that great, i was just off my game, so i felt a little flustered.

after i got home, i was taking my contacts out and my right contact got torn while i was removing it. lovely!

but now i’m at home. the DSL is up, my phone works, and i’ve got some movies here waiting for me. i guess it isn’t so bad. i’m not sleepy right now, but i know i really should go to bed. *sigh* i wonder if there’s any good tv that i recorded tonight.


volleyball and the weekend

saturday was the shindig tournament. it was a reverse 4s tournament that i played with jen, cathy, and de. it was a lot of fun and it was good to hang out with them. we had fun and played pretty well, though i think that i tweaked my ankle while playing over the weekend. not sure how i managed to tweak it while wearing an active ankle brace, but it hurt like you can’t imagine and still smarts now. *sigh* me and my ankle woes. when will it ever end?

sunday was spent with the fam celebrating father’s day. it was during this brunch that the conversation about me buying a house was started. i’m still not totally sure if this is something that i want to do, but i agreed to have my dad talk to his realtor friend to get me set up to look at some homes. it still feels a little wrong to look for a house without a wife…i don’t know, i just have this romanticized dream that my first house will be with my wife.

but i guess a lot of things said during that conversation made sense, so i guess i’ll just go start looking to buy a home. sigh.


ugh. i’ve been without DSL for the better part of the weekend. it was rather painful to go without it, but knowing what caused it is actually more disturbing. let’s just say it wasn’t a problem on the outside, but instead inside the apartment.


but being that disconnected from the internet was a little painful. it isn’t so much being disconnected and me needing to be connected so much as knowing that i couldn’t be connected even if i wanted to. that’s the part that hurts the most.

but it’s all good now so i should just get over myself and worry about other things.