bike’s back

i took my bike back the shop to get some adjustments done and to check out how it had settled in the month that i have been riding it. there were some missing nuts and bolts on the rear derailer which sort of freaked me out, but all in all everything seems to be good. i’m not sure when the next time i will be able to go out again though. today is poker night and i have been meaning to bake some cookies all week, so i may have to stay in and bake some cookies instead of going out to ride.

tomorrow seems like it’s going to be a fun day, more cooking for me. i’m not sure what i will be making yet, though spam musubi is looking more and more attractive the more i think about it. mmmm. spam musubi. i wonder how many people there will eat it, though. i’m also thinking about breaking out the bbq bible and doing some kind of marinade meat, but i don’t know if that’ll really work out or not. we’ll have to see, i guess. i don’t know what kind of meat i’d like to make though….hmmmm, i haven’t made pork in a while…hmmmm. or chicken, really.

but anyway, yes, the bike is back.


a hawaiian birthday

emmi and steve celebrated their birthdays — hawaiian style this time around over the weekend. i [url=]took a few pictures[/url] and it was good to be able to catch up with some people i haven’t seen in a long time. they had a huge floating island in their pool that was kind of cool to see. i’ve never seen such a contraption before.

it brought back a lot of memories while i was there, but i had to leave early so i wasn’t able to stay for the late night activities. so much so has changed since i last saw them all, it was all rather overwhelming.