the ultimate love test

man, it’s guys like brandon that really give men in general a bad name. i can’t believe that he thinks that he did no wrong. i can’t believe that he can say the things that he did when they were blatant and obvious lies. brooke on the other hand is my favorite person there. she was upfront to kenesha who really needed to hear that her man has a cheating heart.

roy, the thai doctor who seems to be the dreamy man, is still sketchy. i don’t know, i don’t condone his behavior. going after a girl who is in a relationship is just all sorts of wrong.

after watching this show it sort of makes me realize some of the things that i am looking for in a relationship and some of the things that i definitely need to avoid. i think that i really need to date someone who has the same type of goals as i do. we can’t have interests that directly conflict with each other. but most of all, i think it has really reaffirmed my belief that i really need to be head over heels in love with the person. i cannot imagine ever daring to put myself through this kind of love test. it would be too much for me to bear.

to see someone else kiss my girlfriend? to see someone else lick jello shots off my girlfriend in a seductive way? to see someone else holding my girlfriend? all in the name of a test to see if OUR relationship is ok? no thank you.


veronica, part 2

i was talking to [url=]adam[/url] last night and i had mentioned something about veronica. he then asked me for clarification of why i said that i wasn’t used to the space that veronica has and then i told him that veronica is my new ipod.

he chastised me anthropomorphizing my ipod because he thought she was a real person. just for the record…she IS a real person. ah, my lovely veronica. still in her pristine glory…all 20GB of her.