the things i don’t do

i was talking to a friend of mine today and we got to the topic of dating someone who was already taken. i am adamantly against this practice. i don’t think it’s right. if i find out that someone is taken, they are basically dead to me, romantically speaking. for me, the thought of pursuing someone who already has a significant other is all sorts of wrong.

firstly, it would really upset me if a guy tries to put the moves on my girl. the whole idea of trying to steal my girl away from me just makes me pretty upset. not that i think that she is my possession or anything, but it’s just messed up to go after someone else’s significant other. i would never be able to do it, regardless of how cool i think the girl is and no matter how attracted i am to her, if she’s taken that’s that.

so then my friend asked me what if the guy she’s with treats her really badly and she’s miserable. to that i could only say that it doesn’t change my mind at all. there’s a reason that she still sticks it out with him and until she leaves him, there’s no way that i’d pursue anything. i would hate to be the reason why a couple starts to fight and breaks up. there should be enough love for everyone out there to get their equal share. why try to take away from someone else? it’s just bad karma.

and finally, i think that it would probably make me pretty uncomfortable if i were to date someone who i took away from someone else. what assurances do i have that there won’t be some other dude that will try to take her away from me and that she’ll then go to him. it just sets a bad precedent.

if i am to start in a relationship, it should be a happy thing, not one that was bourne out of someone’s misery. the relationship should be a joyous time for everyone.

do i expect then, that other guys will think the same way and not try to take girls away from their guy? of course not. i live in the real world. i know how it works. but the way i figure is that i should be confident in my relationship such that i wouldn’t have to worry about these things. if you do have to worry about these sorts of things, then i think that you have to look at the bigger problem. why are there these insecurities? what is the root of the problem?


you want to play volleyball tonight?

brad contacted me yesterday afternoon and asked me if i wanted to play grass volleyball that evening. woah, pretty late notice, but sure, i didn’t have plans anyway. so we ended up playing doubles (only four people showed up!) until almost 8. pretty crazy.

from there i rushed back home to wash up and get ready for poker night. it was a pretty big night for poker night, but it started pretty late as well. i don’t get it, it’s getting later and later every week! what is everyone doing?

but all in all it was a fun evening. i went to sleep rather soundly and now friday has come. ahhh, thank goodness for friday. i think that it’s finally time for me to relax and enjoy the coming weekend.

speaking of this weekend, i think that i will be biking with jimmy somewhere. not sure where, just yet, but i’m looking forward to that. jimmy says that it’ll be endurance biking this time. i’m not sure if i like the sound of that…