it’s your life

you know, it’s odd. sometimes i see the world just go by and i feel like it’s just moving all too fast. sometimes i feel like i’m standing still while everyone else is just running out and around me. these days i think that i’ve been taking things more slowly.

there has been something that has been mildly bothering me for a while now and so i had decided to make minor changes in my life to see if it would improve the situation. generally speaking, i think that it has given me a little perspective on my life and the goings on of it.

i can’t help but feel a sense of disconnect when it comes to some of my friends. we just haven’t seen each other in a long while or we haven’t really talked in a long while. and when i see all of the changes that have been going on in their life, it sort of makes me realize how much things have changed.

i see some of my friends lamenting about this or that and they seem to be going down a path that will just further add to their lament. the one thing that i’ve learned over the years is that you can’t force people into the “right” decision. most people don’t want to be told what to do or how to think. we’re just far too independent for something like that. sometimes people just need to make the mistake that they did and learn from their own experiences.

sometimes you can’t save everyone. sometimes you have to go and see them hurt so that they can feel it for themselves so they know that they’ll never want to do it again. it’s your life, you gotta live it…both good and bad.