sette vector and venn

on [url=]jimmy’s suggestion[/url] i decided to get the [url=]sette vector straight handlebar and the sette venn mountain stem[/url]. i’ve been wanting a new stem for my bike to alter the riding position just a little bit. we’ll see if this makes a difference. now, the big thing is whether or not i have the tools to swap out the stem and handlebar. hmmmmm. i’m not sure that i do. we’ll see though. i haven’t gone biking at all this week. i’ve been pretty bad. i wonder if i should try biking this weekend. it seems like the weekend is already full with the volleyball tournament on saturday and sunday being father’s day. but hopefully the stem will come next week sometime and i’ll have a chance to replace it and try it on. i wonder what i should do with my old stem and handlebar. i don’t think that i would really want to store it around or anything…i already have too much crap lying around as is.