oh the agony

the laptop that i ordered over the weekend now has a ship date of the 13th which means it won’t arrive until the 16th-20th, they say. that’s so sad. what’s worse is that according to their web site, they’ve already finished building and testing it and all they have to do is box it. why does it take a week to put a laptop in a box? i just don’t get it.

sometimes knowing too much about something just makes it worse.

i guess that’s true about many of life’s dilemmas. when i was younger i used to be quite the advocate of ignorance. i figured that ignorance was bliss because you really couldn’t get upset at something you didn’t know about. but as the years have gone by, i think that it’s become more and more evident that i no longer believe that this is the case.

take love, for example. if ignorance is bliss, then having never loved someone would mean that you would never have felt the sheer agony that is love. one would think that this may be a good thing, but to have never known the depths of such love is criminal. i would never trade all of my past heartaches for never knowing what it means to love another…never.

i was talking with a friend last night and they had commented about how it must be nice to have the fortune of dating what they think is a lot of women. i told them that dating a lot of people isn’t really a good thing. though it may seem like a desirable thing, i would have traded all of my dating experience in a heartbeat to have found the right person to spend the rest of my life with…or to find out that i won’t find that person at all. either way, i think that i would be happy, though. but quantity is not an impressive thing, nor should it ever be thought so. if anything, i think it’s a little sad because it just means that all this time that i’ve dated, i’ve yet to be fortunate enough to have found that one person who i can call my own.

but yes, ignornance? i don’t think it’s such a good thing. you deprive yourself of too much, both good and bad. that’s what life is all about.