my face is peeling. it’s rather disgusting to wash one’s face only to realize that a little bit of it is sloughing off. yuck. damn sunburn.

so much change is taking place around me. sometimes i wonder if i’m stuck in slow motion while everyone else seems to be just speeding around me. it isn’t that i feel left behind, it’s more that i just feel like everything is just whizzing by a little too fast.

the summer is almost half over. where did it go? i just realized that the last big vacation i had was in october. that was quite a long time ago. who knew?

today was spent relaxing. i ran a few errands on the way home from work and spent a few hours working at home, but mostly i stayed at home and chilled out. i need a chill day every so often just to keep things in balance. i think tomorrow is going to be spent running around, so hopefully it’ll all even itself out.