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that was my first doubles volleyball tournament of the summer with greg. i guess i must have been out of position if i had to jump that far…

the missing link

the dating game sucks. pure and simple. well, actually, let me take that back. games suck. i really have a very low tolerance for games when it comes to dating. i think that when my heart starts to get involved, i’d much rather just act how i feel instead of acting how i should because of some silly rules that someone long ago made up…presumably because they really enjoyed the chase.

i do not enjoy prolonging the chase. get me to the good part faster!

i was watching this episode of andromeda (which is a really great show for any sci-fi fans…well, not really, but it has the beautiful lexa doig in it and that’s reason enough to watch…but really, it’s actually a pretty decent show too) and nia peeples was guest starring in it. wow, she’s purdy too. but her character is VERY flirtatious. it was all about the chase. and though it was all good and fun to watch, i think that if i were put into the same situation, i wouldn’t be able to show the same kind of restraint the recipient of that flirting had.

yeah, i don’t have that kind of self-control. =P

while i was driving to work today i had a bit of a revelation. i realized that one of the qualities that i really appreciate in a woman is if she is a little quirky. there are a lot of other qualities that i appreciate, but if she’s quirky, that does seem to speak to me a little bit more. some people find that kind of quirkiness to be weird, but generally speaking i think that i generally find it endearing…and that is cute.


curiosity killed the…

good taste.

my latest netflix batch is the last samurai (which i have extremely low expectations for and am hoping that it won’t be as disappointing as i think it will be, but because so many people have said good things about it, i’ll try…), along came polly (a movie that i will watch because i love jennifer aniston), and…wild things 2.

ummm…yeah. don’t really have high expectations for this movie, either. but i am a fan of the first movie and i feel compelled to watch the sequel…regardless of how bad it is. i fear that the movie may rank as badly as cruel intentions 2, but hopefully it won’t be as bad as bring it on again…because that was a truly painful experience that i would not wish on anyone else.

i’m trying to get back into watching more movies, but i’m also beginning to realize the serious time sink it is to watch a movie. luckily, the summer season has afforded me with more time to watch movies because of the complete lack of any good television, save for a few reality shows that are coming to an end soon.