little things here and there

i went out for a little bit to run and errand and eventually found myself at sportsmart. i wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but i found something that i have been looking for a long time now. it’s a pull up bar that you can install into your door frame. i remember a friend of mine had one when i was very young and we would play with it by hanging all sorts of things from it along the door frame. occassionally we tried to do pull ups too.

now, i haven’t done a pull up since middle school so it was interesting to see how many i could do, so i got the bar, installed it in my room and then tried. let’s just say that i’m a little surprised at how few i can do. =P i guess it’s time to practice it up. so sad.

today has been spent mostly working. it’s kind of sad, actually. i guess i’ve been doing a lot of work this weekend.