long time no write

it seems that i’ve been rather busy lately. so busy that i haven’t been able to really write anything. i guess i’ll just do a braindump and see how far that takes me.

this morning [url=http://jimmy.ocliw.com]jimmy[/url] called me up to go biking with him. greg, jimmy, and i set off to go biking and about 5 miles into it i started to feel really sick. i thought that i was going to vomit so i stopped at the chesbro reservoir and sat in the parking lot for a while. i told jimmy and greg to go ahead and go on without me while i rested and eventually headed back home. still, it was about a 10 mile trip in about an hour. par for the course, i guess. i wish i could have done the full ride though…kind of disappointed that i couldn’t.

i think that i may go biking tomorrow. not sure where just yet, but i do feel the need to go out and seek the open road. when i made my way back by myself all of the reasons why i liked biking started to come out. biking along and enjoying the surroundings around me while alone with my thoughts…it’s just quite a pleasant thing to be able to clear your mind and just let it wander.

and wander it did…

one of the big things on my mind was about dating. i guess it’s been on my mind a lot lately. not sure why, really. well, probably because i’m single, but mostly because i think that i’ve been surrounded by couples lately and the site of pairs seems to be omnipresent.

i thought that i had it all figured out. i thought that i knew exactly what kind of a woman i would want to date and how they would fit in with me. but i think that i’m starting to realize that it really isn’t a ton of things that i’m looking for. the only thing that i’m really looking for is someone who makes me smile…but not smile just because they are funny, but smile because of the things that they do. those things that they do will endear them to me…and it isn’t anything spectacular that they have to do, it’s just the little everyday sort of things that i find endearing and that make me smile. i’m not sure if that makes sense. perhaps it is better said that i’m looking for someone who makes me smitten with them.

but anyway, i’ve been obsessing about the laptop that i ordered on the 4th. i’ve been constantly checking the status of the order and finally they have shipped it. i think it is due to arrive at work on monday, so monday should be an exciting day for me. i think that i will be bringing my ram with me to install at work…oooh, i should remember to bring a screwdriver to work as well.

work has been pretty crazy and busy lately. lots of changes. i think that i’m just getting my head wrapped around it all and i’ve been trying to manage my stress level lately. usually don’t have to do that sort of thing, so it was a little odd.

i’ve been having a pretty erratic sleep schedule again too. pretty bad. i think that i need to keep myself on a better regular schedule so that my energy level stays a little more constant.

today was spent mostly resting, watching lord of the rings 3, and running a few errands.