Beyond power of speech,
When the one thing you want
Is the only thing out of your reach.

last night was playoffs for my citybeach team. we were coming into playoffs ranked 3rd and had a pretty decent shot at taking the title. when it came to playing our first game, we had a roster check and to my horror my name was not on the roster. as a result i was disqualified from playing, so the team had to play without me. apparently there was a mix up in the roster and we never put my name back on the roster after it was taken off due to my injury last season.

so i couldn’t play. *sigh* it was a pretty big disappointment…i was looking forward to playing this season. so sad.

i left citybeach and got some pearl tea therapy and that helped, but it still stung. then i realized that i misplaced my driver’s license so i went back to citybeach retracing my steps to finally find it on the ground next to where i had parked my car earlier that evening. apparently it had fallen out of my bag as i had stormed out earlier.

i heard that the team made it to semis, but got eliminated and didn’t make it to finals. man…that sucks.

another season gone by and i *STILL* haven’t earned a playoff shirt. next season will be better!